Smart Bar is a wholly Australian initiated and owned company. The hands on approach to manufacturing a Poly Bar gives Smart Bar total control over each of the core processes necessary to create their product, resulting in optimal quality and consistent production.

Utilising advanced design capabilities found in the hollow polyethylene construction of Smart Bars, impact is absorbed by the bar and then the obstruction is propelled forward or to the side (dependent on the impact position and obstruction).

Other VFPS manufacturers use C-section steel or C-section aluminium, which under impact crumples to absorb the external force.

This technology has been used for years but does increase the risk of essential engine component damage, potentially immobilising the vehicle. 

With Smart Bar absorbing the majority of the impact, damage to the front end of the vehicle is minimised. The Smart Bar itself can compress up to 85% of its width upon impact and return to 95% of its original shape within minutes of the impact.


  • Specifically engineered for safety
  • Chip and rust resistant
  • Easily fitted, winch option available
  • Recyclable polyethylene material
  • Can restore own shape after impact 
  • Exceeds Australian Standards for pedestrian safety