iON Helmet & Bike Kit

Providing multiple accessories for attaching your iON AIR PRO™ to your bike and helmet. Included with the iON AIR PRO™ PLUS package.

Please Note: This Kit does NOT include the iON Air Pro™ sports camera.

iON's versatile CamLOCK™ System allows users to attach the iON AIR PRO™ camera to any type of helmet (bike, motorcycle, ski, skydive etc) as well as a handlebar attachment for mounting the camera onto bicycles, jet skis, 4x4 ATVs and motorcycles.

The CamLOCK™ System is designed to be flexible and record video from all angles without the need to remount the camera.

  • Ball-joint – Short
  • Bike Mount
  • Ball-joint – L Shape
  • Helmet Mount
  • Double-faced Adhesive – Helmet x3
  • Single-faced Adhesive – Helmet x2
  • Double-faced Adhesive – Fitting Piece
  • Single-faced Adhesive – Fitting Piece
  • Mount Strap – Short
  • Mount Strap – Medium
  • Fitting Piece